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Enterprise Risk Management

Aptivaa Risk Management Solution(Platform X)

In less than fifteen years since its inception, Aptivaa has emerged as a strong player to contend within the financial risk management arena, and related spheres of regulatory compliance and strategy among others. We understand that every client is unique with unique requirements, and we model our solutions accordingly. Structured methodologies and a systematic modular approach allow us to seamlessly adapt to your objectives. Our unwavering focus remains on domain competence and a commitment to excellence in project delivery.
Aptivaa's Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) methodology takes a holistic approach to managing the enterprise wide risks for Banks and FIs by relying on the creation of robust internal mechanisms for gathering, analysing, monitoring and understanding the relevant business and risk information. The end objective of this ERM journey is to continuously advance to higher levels of maturity while setting priorities linked to business strategy.

Capabilities of the Solution
Basel Methodologies

Comprehensive set of Basel defined RWA computation rules across Credit, Couterparty Credit , Market and Operational Risk

Contemporary Technology

Advanced Dynamic DAG compute engine that runs on Apache Spark and performs iterations on the fly


Customized reports matching the regulator prescribed reporting formats

Declarative Metadata

Creates new computation sequences, modeks and result data sets without coding

Configuration Management

Configurable Capital computation logic from business segment to product level, Product mapping and Attribute mapping

Advanced Transparency

Enables deep variance and attribution analysis through advanced visualisation and drill down capacity

Platform X makes use of open source software and is based on commodity hardware. Platform X computation engine is an Advanced Dynamic DAG compute engine that runs on Apache Spark and allows multiple methodologies and iterationson the fly. It has a brower based easy-to-use front end UI that compiles that security and audit requirements.

Main Features

Team Collaboration

Multiple teams can work together allowing for collaboration

Faster Execution

Speed of execution allows what-if analysis and rapid exploration of alternatives

Cloud Support

Built for On-premise as well as Cloud Deployment and concurrent, interactive work-group.

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