T24 Monitoring

T24 Monitoring


GAMMA is an intelligent IT monitoring and management tool for Temenos T24TM. It supports IT operations to ensure the high availability of T24 services, full business continuity and the achievement of service-level objectives through real-time monitoring of business operations based on Temenos T24TM. GAMMA was developed and has been polished in understanding of the fact that our clients require more than just a general T24 job scheduling and monitoring tool – they need an ultimate application-specific solution built on deep Temenos T24TM knowledge and experience.

Modules of GAMMA
Application Monitoring

Ensures real-time availability and performance of the application components

Interface Monitoring

Verifies availability, performance, message stagnations, queue sizes and failures

Real User Monitoring

Logs branch user activities, analyses trends, monitors performance

Declarative Metadata

Creates new computation sequences, modeks and result data sets without coding

Log Management

Analyses any type of log files for errors and creates statistics and reports

Platform X makes use of open source software and is based on commodity hardware. Platform X computation engine is an Advanced Dynamic DAG compute engine that runs on Apache Spark and allows multiple methodologies and iterationson the fly. It has a brower based easy-to-use front end UI that compiles that security and audit requirements.

Main Features


COB MONITOR is a module for monitoring COB processes in real time. It was designed in cooperation with active T24 operators to ensure optimum usability and efficiency


This is a powerful component that enables Temenos T24 users to be proactive, and to identify trends, threats and correlations. The Analyser supports the IT department through numerous out-of-the box statistics and diagrams.


Enterprise Level Scheduler (a.k.a. CONTROLLER MANAGER) is designed to support IT operators in performing, checking and following-up on their day-to-day tasks.

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